Software development

To simplify your work

ST NEXT develops customized softwares based on customer needs.

Customization is implemented in order to obtain a fluid, dynamic and accessible solution for all members of the organization based on the roles and skills of each.

The Software Development process is structured in different phases: it starts from the analysis of the context in which the software will have to be inserted, during which the logistic factors such as costs, times and necessary resources are analyzed; subsequently, the planning of activities is carried out

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Then we proceed to the design and implementation phases.

The implementation phase is divided into small prototypes in order to verify with the customer the quality and contents of the individual releases by adopting an AGILE implementation logic, in order to evaluate the evolution of the expected solution.

Finally, we proceed with the testing and release phases in the customer's operational context with the consecutive maintenance of the software. It is essential to find the optimal solution that can be modified according to the customer's needs
Software development
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