Training, projects and software development
ST NEXT provides training courses in Project Management and Microsoft Power Platform
Project Management
Project Management Overview

Project Management Overview Project Management consists of a series of processes, in which team members with different skills and roles participate, aimed at achieving common objectives within the established times with a view to organizational improvement. Time, cost and quality are the three key factors for the development and implementation of a project.

Technical /
Organizational Training
To acquire specific skills

To acquire specific skills ST NEXT provides technical training courses on the most common application tools as well as on the most popular programming languages

Software development
To simplify your work

Software development  ST NEXT develops customized software based on customer needs. The customization is implemented according to a transversal logic for the various departments and business sectors, in order to obtain a fluid, dynamic and accessible solution to all the components of the organization based on the roles and skills of each. The Software Development process is structured in different phases: it starts from the analysis of the context in which the software will have to ...

Methodological training
To acquire the method

To acquire the method ST NEXT provides methodological training courses related to the theories and techniques of Project Management, through qualified teachers PMI, COBIT also in their AGILE certification. The courses can be structured according to a standard modality or be customized according to the needs of the participants. The courses are divided into two macro areas: we start from the theories of Project Management, during which we learn the basic concepts of project ...