Microsoft Project Online

To manage complex projects
To manage complex projects
Microsoft Project Online is one of the most popular professional Project & Portfolio Management platforms, which allows companies in any sector to manage the planning and scheduling of projects.
Project allows you to simplify the management of projects and portfolio, the allocation of resources, to control compliance with the deadlines and budget and, last but not least, to verify workloads.
Project Managers can constantly monitor and keep track of every aspect of the project, from its planning phase to its closure. 
Thanks to this Project Management tool, company logistics processes become increasingly flexible, measurable, efficient and productive, with a view to saving time and resources.
ST NEXT, with over twenty years of experience on the product, proposes its implementation and integration in the customer's reality, with a preliminary approach of detailed analysis of his needs and relative drafting of an analytical document.
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Project management
Microsoft Project Online helps you complete projects with ease. With pre-built templates and intuitive programming tools, Project Managers and teams will always be productive
  • Predefined templates, based on industry best practices to direct work
  • Project planning, using intuitive scheduling features such as Gantt and pre-populated drop-down menus that help reduce training time and simplify the planning process
  • Predefined reports, to be in sync with the team
  • Customizable timelines, to quickly view all project activities, from those in progress to upcoming milestones.
  • Real-time reporting, to track project progress, visually and dynamically, with pre-built reports from the PPM content pack for Power BI, offering quick insights and drill-downs

Portfolio management
Evaluate and optimize your project portfolio to prioritize activities in order to achieve your goals. Full integration with Power BI offers advanced analysis and reporting features, used to synchronize all tasks
  • Portfolio optimization, with different portfolio scenarios to identify the optimal strategic path, evaluating project proposals with respect to the driving factors of the business
  • Systematic evaluation of project proposals, to collect and evaluate project ideas from any location, through a standardized process that sends detailed business cases and project charters to management for analysis
  • Full integration with BI, for a complete visualization of the project data
  • Predefined reports, to share information with the team, from burn-down charts to financial data
Resource management
With simplified time and task management, teams can change and update information from anywhere, ensuring constant control
  • Systematic request for resources, with the Resource Commitments feature you can request and block resources
  • Visual heat maps, to visualize how resources are being used, quickly identifying those over and underused in order to optimize assignments
  • Effective analysis of resources, to compare resources with standard data and usage forecasts
  • Integrated solution for collaboration, with tools such as Microsoft TEAMS, teams can collaborate on the project and exchange information in complete safety from anywhere
Microsoft Project Online
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