Aerospace Sector

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Aerospace Sector

The company is a leader in the field of space propulsion
With over 100 years of activity, it continues to play a strategic role in the sector worldwide, investing year after year in increasingly advanced technologies at the service of innovation and improvement.
mplementation of a Project Management tool to support Business and Production.

The product was evaluated through software selection and it was selected for the following factors:
  • configuration flexibility;
  • coverage of 90% of needs without custom developments;
  • connections with the SAP world;
  • connectors with the Power BI world
In order to support PMs and standardize both the project structure and communication with SAP, Project Professional add-ins have been developed.

The project census procedure was developed with Web Part and Web Services Custom in order to ensure that the project and program were assigned to the respective owner, obtaining the coding elements directly from SAP.

The updates of the WP in Project have been synchronized with the master data of the WP in SAP; in addition, procedures were developed to import progress from SAP to Project and all high-level reporting was implemented with PowerBI and a dedicated DataWarehouse
Achieved Results
The following results have made a significant improvement in project management, as well as facilitating communication with corporate ERP:
  • replacement of the previous planning system (custom with proprietary tools);
  • integration with SAP;
  • monitoring and control reporting system